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A high-performance scanning solution that’s simple to use

Quickly tackle any job with the latest in scanning and workflow technology. The GLS-2200 features a unique survey style setup and user-friendly processing software that turn lengthy scanning processes into fast and easy workflows.

The innovative capabilities of the GLS-2200 combined with its rugged field design provide users with a purposeful solution that will stand up to the most extreme work environments.

Simplified construction verification workflows

Our scanning solutions help you work more productively. Together with ClearEdge3D Verity, the simplified verification workflows cover a range of applications including documenting job site as-built conditions and performing construction verification to ensure project accuracy is built to plan.




Collage and Collage Web

ClearEdge3D Verity

for Navisworks

Floor Flatness and Levelness

The GLS-2200 offers quick, simple and effective ways of capturing 3D point cloud data at high speed without sacrificing the accuracy desired by today's demanding professionals.

Watch this video featuring M4 Concrete and Paving to learn how they succesfully used the GLS-2200 for their FF/FL needs.

Features include

  • Unique scanning mode that can capture dense wet concrete data and larger areas
  • Get cleaner data with 1mm Plane Fit accuracy through MAGNET Collage
  • HDR imaging capability enhances 3D model rendering results
  • Surveyor-style setup synchronizes the scanner with the same coordinate system as the design file, reducing post-processing time
  • Unequaled 200m setup target range reduces number of setups
  • API that allows 3rd party software to directly interface with the scanner for unique industry applications

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