Revolutionizing Construction Layout with Robotic Precision

Discover the cutting-edge solution for construction layout – HP SitePrint. Experience the seamless fusion of HP's printing expertise and advanced robotics technology, designed to elevate the way construction site layouts are executed.

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual processes. Effortlessly transfer digital layouts onto the floor, eliminating the guesswork and ensuring precision every step of the way.

Discover HP SitePrint

Witness firsthand how precision, efficiency, and innovation converge to reshape the future of construction site layouts.

Enhanced On-Site Productivity

Elevate on-site productivity to new heights. Experience significant reductions in layout and labor costs through the integration of autonomous technology. Seamlessly incorporate printed text to enhance on-site information, enabling your experts to channel their skills where they matter most.

Unparalleled Precision

Precision is our hallmark. Rely on HP SitePrint for flawless implementation of intricate and complex layouts. Your projects will be executed with unwavering accuracy, meeting and exceeding your expectations every time.

User-Friendly Simplicity

Navigating projects has never been easier. Embrace the convenience of an all-inclusive construction layout management solution. With its portable design, you can effortlessly transport this device between sites, simplifying your workflow.

Autonomous Site Layouts

Experience the monumental transformation brought by autonomous construction site layout. With up to 10 times the productivity gains, obstacle avoidance, cloud-based management, high accuracy, and the ability to effortlessly handle intricate arcs and circumferences, HP SitePrint is the ultimate game-changer.


HP SitePrint Can:

  • Increase layout productivity by as much as 10x
  • Obstacle avoidance for autonomous operation
  • Avoid errors and reworks with text printing capabilities
  • Cloud capabilities—Cloud tools for managing the fleet
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