Share information across projects or accounts

Improve collaboration, reduce rework, and better control and management of project information.

Bridge allows you to manage shared sheets and files for your project that have been transferred to and from other projects. Bridge lists file packages for the project that have been shared with other projects and file packages received from other projects. You can also use Bridge to view automatic updates that have been set up for shared sheets, and import sheets from other projects you are a member of.

Cross-Team Collaboration

Share sheets and files.

With the right permissions, easily select any Sheets or Files to share with another project within the same account, or to a project within a different account.

Set up automations.

Ensure all teams have the most up to date versions by setting up and managing automated sheet sharing.

Create direct project linking.

Take information sharing to the next level by connecting stakeholders across accounts, providing contact details for collaborators and make disconnecting and removing automations at the end of a project a one-click process.


    Bridge is organized into four tabs that you can use to view information about sheets and files shared to and from your project:
  • Incoming - shows sheets and files received by this project from other projects.
  • Outgoing - shows sheets and files shared to other projects from this project.
  • Automations - shows any automatic updates set up for shared sheets in the project.
  • Bridged Projects - shows projects that have been bridged from another project

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