Data collection in the fast lane

3D mass data collection for resurfacing

The revolutionary RD-M1 scanner collects a constant stream of data as you drive, delivering precise surface conditions. You can quickly scan miles of road without the need for costly lane closures or rework. Normal traffic conditions continue uninterrupted, dramatically saving time and increasing crew safety.

The sophisticated design works seamlessly with an integrated HiPer SR GNSS receiver and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) to accurately capture point data while cruising at normal highways speeds. Your data is automatically timestamped and stored for easy management and point cloud generation.

Part of Topcon's complete SmoothRide workflow, a safer and better way to pave.

Strengthen your bid

Successful projects start with successful bids. Adding an RD-M1 scanner to your toolbox can dramatically improve speed and accuracy throughout your bidding process. A detailed depiction of existing surface conditions allows you to confidently discuss the amount of material to be removed or placed for any given section of road – giving your client or regulatory authorities the confidence that the job will be completed on time and on budget.

The RD-M1 scanner helps you stay ahead of the game, get more work, and make that work more profitable.

Features include

  • Downward-facing LIDAR scanner for optimal road surface definition
  • Scan at speed without lane closures
  • Safely collect millions of points from the truck cab
  • Scan rates up to 100 times per second
  • Easy installation and removal for daily use
  • Graphical software for intuitive processing

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