Compaction and tracking system

Make every pass count

Our modern C-53 compaction systems go beyond simple pass count registry. Through secure connectivity to the global Sitelink3D v2 service, each compactor not only performs tasks faster, but also becomes part of the overall project.

Topcon compaction systems register each and every pass and connect the compactors to all other machines on the site. A good compacting job is not as easy to achieve as many people think. There are several variables that can make or break it. One of the most important is making sure the correct number of passes occur everywhere across the site. Instead of the operator guessing what has been compacted, the system provides real-time pass graphic visibility.

Part of Topcon's complete SmoothRide workflow, a safer and better way to pave.

Compaction through collaboration

It’s likely there are multiple rollers working together when you’re compacting a road or parking lot. For accurate compaction, it’s crucial for each operator to see not only their own passes, but also the passes made by other machines. Our C-53 compaction system synchronizes this, ensuring proper compaction from each machine and turning compaction into teamwork.

Quality and efficiency haven’t always gone hand in hand, but with the C-53 system, compacting jobs get completed faster and more accurately.

Features include

  • Accurate pass count display
  • Combine compaction and site production data
  • Secure connectivity to Sitelink3D services
  • Synchronized mapping with customized reporting
  • Meets FHWA intelligent compaction standards
  • Ruggedized temperature and accelerometer sensors
  • Compatible with any brand roller

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