An earthwork takeoff mistake can haunt you in the end…


Avoid mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars or worse

We get it, we’re all striving to be the master of our craft and trade. But we’re also human. If you are a contractor that runs your own earthwork takeoffs or hires an in-house technician for this, be cautioned that a mistake in your earthwork takeoff could cost you thousands of dollars or potential bankruptcy due to inaccuracies and miscalculations.

For example, say you are running an earthwork takeoff and accidentally plug in the wrong quantities, square footage or didn’t catch the scale on the plans was wrong – leading you to miss 300 cubic yards. Considering a hypothetical cost to haul at around $25/CY you could assume $7,500 in costs, meaning you might’ve just kissed away all the profit from that job.

Working with an experienced takeoff team who knows what mistakes to look for can help alleviate this pain point. Dirt Logic has over 20-years of experience working through earthwork takeoffs with contractors big or small across the US. We can help the contractors who are struggling with new software, new or inexperienced in-house teams, and those simply interested in outsourcing the task to lighten their workload at a competitive price. Read more on how we can help you with your earthwork takeoff needs.

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