Machine Control for Track Loaders and Skid Steers

Increase the output of your compact equipment

2D-MC is mounted directly to grading attachments and easily transfers between machines and/or applications. Plug into the machine’s control system, and 2D-MC is ready to accurately and quickly do more tasks.

With this solution, you can multiply the uses of your compact equipment fleets and attachments.


Quick, familiar setups automate control of your grading attachments

The 2D-MC system uses rotary laser technology to minimize your need for manual tools, grade checking and rework. Configure the system to the way you work. Choose a dual laser receiver setup or use a single laser with a highly accurate tilt sensor to determine elevation and slope. Progressive grade arrows and an intuitive display show work completed or remaining to reach grade. Need to adjust your elevation? Quickly respond without your hands leaving the joysticks.

Our 2D-MC system supports popular brands of compact construction equipment, such as Caterpillar, Bobcat, Kubota, John Deere and more. We support attachment manufacturers such as Level Best, Hitchdoc, Land Pride, SharpGrade, and others with box blade, grader blade, or six-way blade configurations.


Same workflow, improved performance and output

Machine control assists operators in gaining greater accuracy with less time and effort, providing a major production benefit. If you are already relying on rotary lasers for grade checking and layout, you will instantly understand how to set up, bench the system, and read the grade indication display.

Check out this video to see how 2D-MC can accelerate your job site efficiency.

Benefits include

  • Short set up and start up time, with popular laser-based systems commonly used across a variety of grading applications.
  • Low cost of entry gives users who typically would not use machine control the ability to experience its advantages with small risk.
  • Complete tasks with less work by providing operators with real-time grade information and easy adjustment using joystick controls.
  • Automated grade control increases accuracy to complete tasks requiring consistent and precise placement, like stone grading for concrete work.

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