Plan with Precision.

See more, fly more, and do more at a higher accuracy than any other VTOL drone.

The most versatile and capable VTOL survey drone. Marlyn is ready for your project. Atmos integrates Topcon’s hardware and correction services to create an all-in-one surveying solution.

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Operate From Any 2x2m Area

Take-off like a Helicopter and Fly like an Airplane. With Marlyn you can operate from anywhere and cover up to 150Ha (370 Acres) per flight. No more finding large clear areas for belly landing!

Capture Data Down to 1cm Accuracy

To keep your customers happy, the best survey cameras from Sony and Micasense combine with our high-end Topcon PPK and a market-leading autopilot to give you accuracies as low as 1cm.

Reduce time and cost with PPK.

With your integrated Topcon PPK, you can quickly survey areas down to accuracies as low as 1cm without the time-consuming placing and use of Ground Control Points, and without the need for a constant data link between the aircraft and the ground.

Features include

  • Automated Flight - Marlyn is designed to be used even as a first-time drone. That is why all elements of the flight from takeoff to survey to return to home, are completely automatic. Landing is done easily by the user.
  • Manual Flight Takeover - Be ready for absolutely any scenario! At every step of the flight Marlyn is capable of being taken over for position-controlled flight in both helicopter or airplane mode.
  • Holds Helicopter Position - Marlyn hold its GPS position during helicopter mode. This provides peace of mind and soft touchdowns when flying in high winds or challenging locations.

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