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Combining the latest in modeling software and Topcon Solutions’ Dirt Logic specialized, proprietary software, we convert a 2-D construction plan to a 3-D electronic model. During this process, Topcon Solutions’ Dirt Logic skilled technicians provide a complete turn-key solution by incorporating any plan revisions, verifying surveyor coordinates and facilitating communication between all parties.

Using your GPS system, you can then download Topcon Solutions’ Dirt Logic complete GPS modeling package to determine high and low points, stationing, locations of utilities, edge of pavement, erosion control, and other features within fractions of an inch. These GPS Models reduce the chances of having to move dirt more than once. They also allow the work to be done solely by the machine operator without guidance from a second worker on the ground and create a stakeless and hubless job site.

With our Field Service training, we can work with your team to provide training in the implementation of GPS models on your jobsite.

What makes this service unique

Digital Terrain Model (DTM) built from profile data

Includes every curb point, all high/low points and centerline alignments built using centerline profiles in addition to contours. Dirt Logic’s DTM combination of contours and alignment data guarantees accuracy that a model built from contours alone will not. Our GPS modeling process can reveal miscalculations in the civil drawings providing the engineer an opportunity to correct them.

Alignment and Profile Data

Allows you to find your exact location from centerline stationing. Never again will you have to guess which station you are offsetting from or how far you are from the centerline.

Consistent, Clear Background Linework File

Includes utilities, edge of pavement, erosion control, and other features displayed in color-coded and easy-to-read layouts.

Service benefits

  • Reduced investment in expensive computer systems that require additional overhead to operate and maintain
  • Time savings with no go-betweens – there is nothing between you sending the plans and digging dirt
  • Hands-off approach, so you do not have to deal with complicated confusing CAD files nor CAD manipulation
  • Finished-ground visualizations so that you know exactly what your site is going to look like

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