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The MSAX2 series is designed for long-term unattended real-time 3D monitoring. It has been used on large and small monitoring project around the world ranging from mining, tunneling, slope stability, and bridges to name a few.

Topcon’s MSAX2 series feature a number of technological and functional enhancements that provide higher accuracy, higher speed, and higher work efficiency on any monitoring project.

Combined with Topcon’s Delta-Link controller and Delta Watch software, the MSAX2 will provide a robust, reliable and accurate real-time deformation monitoring solution.

Features include

  • Angular accuracy option of either 0.5” or 1”
  • Reliable distance accuracy either 1 mm + 1 ppm for MS1AX2 and 0.8 mm + 1 ppm for the MS05AX2
  • Rapid and customizable 2D monitoring
  • Auto-collimation accuracy of 1”
  • Automated Matrix Detection and Target Acquisition

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