Advanced, yet easy-to-use functionality

Carlson SurvCE software features advanced, yet easy-to-use functionality. A complete data collection system for Real Time (RTK) GPS and Total Stations with in-field coordinate geometry. It supports the widest range of popular and new release RTK GPS and conventional/robotic total stations.

Features include

  • Ability to stake roads by complete LandXML Road Model-a new method augmenting "By Sections:, "By Templates", and "From Map".
  • Ability to use point "blocks" from drawings as point symbols or as objects to snap to for stakeout or for creating alignments, with GIS attributes associated with blocks recognized.
  • Messaging and file transfer office to field or peer-to-peer in field.
  • New techniques for best fit smooth curves and tangent curves using Field-to-Finish.
  • Use of RTCM 3.1 messages from virtual reference stations to auto-compute grid and geoid shifts.

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