Multipurpose Quadcopter Solution for Agriculture

Parrot Bluegrass is a multipurpose quadcopter designed for agriculture. It helps farmers improve their ROI using its 2 embedded cameras; video camera and Parrot Sequoia multispectral sensor.

With its Full HD front camera, this solution includes visual monitoring of land, herd and infrastructure. It also provides a quick and easy analysis on the health of your crops, thanks to its user friendly processing software, AIRINOV FIRST+.

Parrot Bluegrass is easy to transport due to its removable propellers and it is easy to: set up, fly, process data and repair.

Features include

  • Area Coverage: 30ha (74ac) in a single flight at 70m flight altitude (230ft)
  • Range: Up to 2km - 1.2 miles, in an unobstructed area free of interferences )
  • Wind resistance: Up to 46 km/h (12.8 m/s or 28.6 mph)
  • Ground resolution: 6.6cm/px (2.7in/px) at 70m (230ft) flight altitude
  • Automatic flight plan powered by Pix4Dcapture mobile app )
  • Vertical take-off and landing
  • Removable propellers for transport
  • Battery life : 25min
  • Weight: 1850g / 4lb

Why choose the Parrot Bluegrass?

Find out more about the health of your crops

Parrot Bluegrass is equipped with a multispectral sensor, Parrot Sequoia. This small and light multispectral camera captures 4 spectral bands in visible light and non-visible infrared light to analyze the health of your crops. Parrot Sequoia has a 16 MP RGB camera and an internal memory capacity of 64GB.

Multipurpoes drone for your farm

Designed to be easy to use and pilot, Parrot Bluegrass is a combination of an aerodynamic design, advanced autopilot, powerful engines and a high capacity battery.

Automatic crop mapping

Pix4Dcapture is a simple app that allows you to plan automatic flights above your land. The interface enables you to accurately define the area you want to fly over and at what altitude, so you can closely follow the status of your flight.

Parrot Bluegrass can cover up to 30 hectares at 70 m / 230 ft. flight altitude.

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