Your Haul Planning Resource Solution

Earthwork quantities, costs and anticipated site hauling operations are delivered within MAGNET Office software's Mass Haul module.

Begin with MAGNET Office Takeoff module and with a single-button transfer, directly exchange all data seamlessly into the corresponding Mass Haul module.

Instantly visualize cut / fill information for the different types of materials on the jobsite with Mass Haul's intuitive diagrams and clear overhead map views. Customize your project data by adding PDF plans and additional stockpile locations. Perform a simple re-calculation and quickly display updated routing data.

Features include

  • Import and export quantities, PDF plans, and many industry file formats
  • Modify changes to alignments, areas, intersection, and more
  • Adjust bulking (shrink-swell) factors
  • Generate custom reports on mass usage, haul distances, and costs
  • Identify and edit borrow pits, disposal areas, as well as crushing plant locations
  • Create intersections, restricted areas for safety, and breaklines

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