Multiple technologies together as one powerful solution

Add GNSS digital tools for better accuracy & productivity

Accelerate your productivity with simplified workflows, seamless integration, and dramatically increased accuracy. Topcon’s Productivity Bundle can help you collect tons of accurate data, collaborate, and share with the team. Get the tools to make that data actionable, projects completed faster and work smarter from start to finish.

The Productivity Bundle is designed for survey and construction professionals who are looking for intelligent digital measurement and layout solutions that are easy to learn and use for peak productivity and accuracy.

The Topcon Productivity Bundle is formerly the Elite Survey Suite.

Accelerate your survey project

Topcon GT robotic digital workflows provide intuitive, integrated software and hardware that replace paper plans and tape measures which require more time and manpower. By utilizing this Bundle, complete boundary survey, civil engineering, setting control points or recording topography with more accuracy and in a fraction of the time.

Unique to Topcon Solutions, we can help you seamlessly integrate your survey and engineering workflows with many widely used Autodesk software solutions, such as Civil 3D and the AEC Collection. Leveraging a cloud-connected workflow forms a tighter connection between the field and the office, as file compatibility, software integrations and cloud connectivity are the key ingredients to delivering improved combined workflows prone to less friction.

Products within the Topcon Productivity Bundle


Built for job site mobility, the flagship GT Series ultrasonic robotic total station enables accurate and productive workflows for highly demanding survey and construction applications, so you can just bag your shots.

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Powerful, tough, and versatile, the FC-6000 brings the processing speed expected in the office directly to the project site. This handheld field computer arrives ready for harsh elements and eager to turn your large design files into reality.

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Make every aspect of your projects more connected and productive. MAGNET Field is the engine for our field productivity package and part of a complete field-to-office solution.

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HiPer VR

Work with confidence, speed and versatility using the HiPer VR. Ultra-rugged, ultra-reliable GNSS tracking and unique inertial leveling lets you get the shot with no fuss.

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Mendola and Associates Testimonial

Watch how Mendola and Associates puts this Topcon technology to use in two unique situations. The first, a growth opportunity at a storage facility and the second, in rugged terrain as the Mendola’s work to define the property lines at a 200-plus acre farm. On the farm project, the team may never have been able to define the property lines using the methods the company started with in 1977. That’s only part of the reason Mr. Mendola likens Topcon technology to sliced bread.

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