From single sign-on to live 24/7 support, save time and increase security with a Premium plan

Autodesk is launching a Premium plan, designed to help medium- to large-sized businesses that manage 50 or more subscriptions operate more efficiently. An upgrade to Premium offers companies additional administrative, security, and reporting benefits — based on customer feedback describing which features they wanted to see most.

Standard vs. Premium Plans

Standard plan benefits

Top benefits for individual users and small businesses with subscriptions

2-step verification
Users sign in with both an Autodesk password and a security code that is sent to a phone.

8 - 5 live support
Live support is available during local business hours, allowing users to connect with an Autodesk support specialist.

Product usage reporting
Receive usage reports by frequency, version, and product to provide informed purchasing decisions, avoid version conflicts, and ensure teams are efficiently using the software.

Premium plan benefits

Additional benefits for medium to large businesses with 50 subscriptions or more

Single sign-on (SSO)
SSO provides added security with a one-time sign-on for all Autodesk software products.

24/7 live support
Live support is available any time, including nights and weekends, for questions or help with technical issues.

Product usage reporting with user details
View and export more detailed usage by user to provide insight into usage trends and to identify power-users (who can then share product knowledge and best-in-class workflows with others).

Upgrading to a Premium plan

Watch this explanation of the benefits you’ll receive when upgrading to a Premium plan.

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Is premium right for your organization?

Here are a few questions to help you decide:
  • + Are you frequently adding new users but would like to save time by not having to manually create and assign access?
  • + Would you like 24/7 live support and faster response times?
  • + Are you needing the additional security features of single sign-on?
  • + Do you have employees or contractors based globally that you would like to purchase centrally for?
  • + Is it difficult to optimize subscription licensing because you don’t know which users need product access?

If you’d like more flexibility, increased security, and easier user management for 50 or more subscriptions*, then maybe it’s time to upgrade to a Premium plan. To upgrade to Premium, work directly with Topcon Solutions to take the next steps.

*With available 2-for-1 trade-in offers for named user, many customers will be doubling their subscription seats, so Premium may be a viable option.

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