Vanguard Technology from Topcon

Posted: 9/12/2013

Construction jobs that rely on GPS equipment demand a high level of precision which can only be achieved with excellent GNSS tracking capabilities. Topcon Positioning Systems leads the industry with their Vanguard ASIC Technology which can track and support all current and planned satellite signals from GPS and GLONASS as well as Galileo, BeiDou, and QZSS. This technology combines Universal Tracking and a superior chipset to provide the best signal tracking capability available in any receiver.

The ASIC chipset is at the center of Topcon's Vanguard Technology. This chipset has a multi-core design which makes it the best GNSS chipset available with access to over 226 receiver channels. Each channel uses Topcon's patented Universal Tracking Channels technology to track and receive any satellite signal instead of being pre-programmed for a specific signal type or frequency. This tracking method is exclusive to Topcon and allows users to receive the highest number of signals and measurements available from every major GNSS. The best combination of signals received by Vanguard ASIC Technology can be selected by the user based on health, current geometry, and application for unprecedented accuracy.

In addition to supporting satellite signals from every major current and future satellite system throughout the world, Topcon's Vanguard ASIC Technology has several other innovative features that include:

- Comprehensive support for the entire frequency spectrum of GNSS

- Integrated L-Band signal demodulator

- Modernized multi-constellation signal support for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and Compass

- Comprehensive peripheral interface support

- Reduced power consumption to prolong battery life

Vanguard ASIC Technology from Topcon is the best GNSS signal tracking technology on the market. Receivers with Vanguard Technology support every major GNSS in the world with the capability of supporting satellite systems that are currently under development once they are ready for commercial use. Positioning Solutions Company carries a number of Topcon receivers and other positioning equipment that incorporates Topcon's Vanguard Technology. Contact Positioning Solutions Company to learn more about this technology or products featuring Vanguard Technology.