New Field Controller from Topcon Capable of Advanced Data Collection

Posted: 7/3/2014

Field controllers are essential pieces of equipment on surveying and construction jobsites to help collect and coordinate data between the other machines with ease. Topcon, a leader in providing positioning equipment for surveying and construction applications, recently announced the release of the FC-500, a new field controller with expanded features for more advanced data collection. The FC-500 is compatible with Topcon MAGNET field software, Site and Layout Software, and Topcon's Pocket 3D.

According to Ray Kerwin, the director of global surveying products, "The FC-500 works with all Topcon GPS/GNSS receivers and total stations, and meets or exceeds all field application requirements. Additionally, the FC-500 works with the new Topcon LN-100 instrument dedicated to BIM and one-person construction layout, simplifying workflow with the seamless integration with our MAGNET suite of software solutions."

In addition to being compatible with Topcon's equipment and software programs, the FC-500 also has new features such as a 4.3 inch touch screen display and 5 megapixel camera for enhanced data collection. The touch screen is sunlight readable and waterproof to operate under extreme conditions and the camera includes a built-in LED flash. There is also a built-in 8 gigabyte flash drive to store hundreds of photos taken with the camera. If the FC-500 is used with MAGNET Field software, the geo-tag features can imprint file information such as the GPS location right on the photos.

There are three different models of the FC-500 available. The standard model has Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, the FC-500 GEO model has GPS in addition to Bluetooth and WiFi, and the third model features a 3.5G cellular modem that accesses the MAGNET Enterprise Solutions suite. Positioning Solutions Company is a master dealer of Topcon products and they carry a variety of Topcon field controllers. Browse their selection of construction and surveying field controllers or contact them for more information about their field controllers or the new FC-500 from Topcon.