Topcon Technology Roadshow Coming to Chicago

Posted: 6/6/2014

Are you interested in the latest advancements in positioning technology? Have you been considering a new piece of equipment for your company but would like to see demonstrations of the new technology? The Topcon Technology Roadshow is ideal for business owners, engineers, and contractors alike to learn about Topcon's latest technologies and experience hands-on demonstrations of the equipment. Topcon, a leading provider of positioning equipment to the survey and construction industry, is bringing their technology road show to Chicago June 25 and 26 and they will be hosted by Positioning Solutions Company.

The Topcon Technology Roadshow is a traveling show that moves across the country in a 53 foot semi-truck to showcase their latest technology in the construction, survey, civil engineering, architecture, and design industries. The show consists of live demonstrations, classroom presentations, and hands-on experiences to show the potential benefits of these products to your company's workflow and productivity. This show is a great place for contractors, surveyors, and engineers to learn about the changing trends within their industries and how to adopt the new technologies for their own businesses to improve their efficiency and ultimately their bottom line.

The road show is designed to present a vast amount of information that would take a month or more to research in just a few hours. Attendees will not only see and experience the newest technologies from Topcon, but they will also learn how this equipment could directly impact their own business. There will also be industry experts present to answer questions and help attendees determine which technologies would bring the most benefits to their business. The Topcon Technology Roadshow is free to attend and also includes lunch. Those interested in attending must register online because the class size is limited.

Positioning Solutions Company is a leading Topcon dealer and they will be hosting the Topcon Technology Roadshow for the Chicago tour dates. In addition to showcasing the latest Topcon technology, Positioning Solutions Company will also be doing live demonstrations of the new eBee drone from senseFly. This fully autonomous drone can accurately survey large areas of land in a short amount of time and it has practical uses for agriculture, construction, mining, and surveying/ mapping. Come out to the Topcon Technology Roadshow to see Topcon's latest equipment in action and make sure to check out Positioning Solution Company's demonstration of the eBee drone.

All attendees of the Topcon Roadshow MUST sign up to attend. You can sign up for the show by following this link