Sokkia Introduces New DX-200 Total Station to North America

Posted: 3/6/2014

Total stations are an essential piece of equipment for survey and construction jobs and the Sokkia Corporation has recently announced that they will introduce their DX-200 total station in North America. Their new DX series of total stations have improved abilities and versatility to provide a high level of accuracy and they are easy to operate.

"The DX-200 is ideal for the professional looking for a mid-range, auto-pointing total station that can become a full-robotic instrument with a simple firmware upgrade," according to Ray Kerwin, director of global surveying products. "Advanced functionality such as Hybrid Positioning can be added to the robotic unit, making the DX-200 a versatile system for multiple applications."

One of the main features of the DX-200 total station is the Direct Aiming technology which has a new intelligent algorithm that locates and aims to prisms and provides precise readings and layout data. This total station is also configured for Hybrid Positioning which allows it to use GNSS positioning and optical positioning data at the same time. This makes the DX-200 ideal for dark conditions or scenarios where the line-of-sight is blocked because the GNSS receiver can measure the distances when prisms cannot be located.

Bluetooth wireless operating is another main feature of Sokkia's DX-200 total station. The wireless operating capabilities are increased when used with an RC-PR5 remote controller which allows the DX-200 to lock onto prisms at a distance of up to 2000 feet. Other features of the DX-200 total station include TSshield security and maintenance technology, MAGNET onboard integrated software, Sokkia's RED-tech reflectorless measurement system, and 1, 2, 3, or 5 arc second accuracy.

Sokkia Corporation is one of the leading providers of highly accurate and reliable positioning equipment for surveying and construction applications and many of their products are provided by Positioning Solutions Company. Browse Positioning Solutions Company's website for more Sokkia products and watch for the North American release of the Sokkia DX-200 total station.