Topcon Sirius Pro RTK "High Precision" UAS Aerial Mapping

Topcon Sirius Pro RTK "High Precision"Aerial Mapping

Ideal for all of your survey, construction, mining and agricultural needs. Measure 150 acres with 2cm verticle accuracy in 50 minutes! Stockpiles are a breeze.... Volume measurements are easy.... Cut and Fill work, Site Planning, Powerline and Pipeline Work, Field Tiling and Evaluating Crop Stress, Crop Health and Farming Yields.... has never been simpler!

This unit has a variety of payloads and sensors to make any job a snap!

Easy to fly...Easy to Control.... Exceptional Results.

If you can see it.... and you want to measure it.... The Topcon Sirius Pro is the Tool to Choose

Total weight is only 6 pounds!

 Advanced Flight Planning.... Flight plan can automatically adapt to an elevation model
Cover Large Areas.... Flight plan automatically splits up and rejoins mission areaduring the processing
Cost Efficient....... More than 200 landings with a single body, leads to lower operational costs
Automatic or Assisted Lands in areas where automatic landings are impossible.
GNSS RTK.....L1/ L2  GPS and GLONASS with RTK for the Highest Accruacy Possible


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The Topcon Sirius Pro is different from most UAV / UAS systems on the market.
* Hand Launched.... No Catapult Needed
* 2cm - 3cm Vertical Accruacy.... No need to add Ground Control Points
* 50 - 55 Minute Battery Life Per Flight.... Longer than any UAS of the same size and weight
* Fly in Winds of 50/km per hour.....Almost twice the air time of competitors
* Fly in the Rain!.... Weather does not bother this incredible unit.
* Payload Options of Either an 16mp RGB Camera, or a 16mp NIR camera
* Fly the unit either completely autonomously... or with the Auto Assist Feature.
* Data can be exported to almost ANY 3rd Party Software to speed up your workflow.

The Sirius Pro UAS assembles quickly and easily. Using MAVinci software, create your custom flight plan and wirelessly transfer to the UAS. Sirius Pro doesn't require any special launch hardware like catapults or bungee cords. Simply give a firm forward toss to get it on it's way. Completely independent during flight, it follows the predetermined flight plan and stores image and position data onboard. For maximum safety and security manual flight control can be employed at any time.

NOTE: Always monitor the progress of the UAS during operation. Because of the potential for unexpected air traffic, Sirius Pro offers instant access to manual control.

When Sirius Pro has completed the flight plan it automatically lands at the pre-determined area added as part of the flight plan. In areas with limited landing possibilities, Sirius can land using manual control with autopilot assist, or completely manually.

Once the UAS returns you can wirelessly export images to a one-click post-processing interface to create DEM's and orthophotos to create future flight plans, basic measurements, overlays, 3D models for cut/fill analysis, even as-built design comparisons.

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Image quality

To assure maximum operational time, UAS payloads must be as lightweight as possible. For this reason Topcon's Sirius Pro uses the Panasonic GX1 camera featuring a 16 megapixel live MOS sensor.

Although this sensor is 30-40% smaller than the average DSLR sensor, it is 9 times the size of the sensors used in compact digital cameras - the optimal balance between power consumption, weight, image size and image quality.

An optional NIR camera system is available.

Protecting your investment

Topcon's Sirius Pro features numerous security and protection features to assure reliable and long-lasting operation.

These include:

Wireless data link for up to 4 km line-of- sight operation (actual frequency and range depends on your local regulations)
Additional 2.4 GHz ISM link RC transmitter for manual backup control with up to 3 km range (manual backup control link is independent of the autopilot to minimize the risk of radio link failure.)
Out of radio range feature allows UAS to complete flight plan.
If GPS signal is lost the UAV circles in waiting position. In case of engine failure due to low battery level, the autopilot continues to stabilize the UAS and maintain altitude to minimize the possibility of crash landings.
A "return home" command can be sent anytime to immediately return the UAS to the ground station.

NOTICE: Unmanned aircraft regulations vary greatly. Check local laws prior to the use of this or any unmanned aircraft.

Choose between a 16 megapixel RGB or NIR Camera (Panasonic GX-1, 14mm Fixed Focal lens)

Have a Topcon base?....  use your current base as an external Base Station.

Need a base?  Purchase the Topcon internal Base and complete the system!