senseFly eBee Aerial Mapping UAV for Construction, Mining & Survey


This is one of the most innovative mapping tools available on the market today... and it costs less than many total stations! Though new to the US, senseFly is a Parrot Company... known for their small recreational quadcopter: the AR Drone.

The eBee from senseFly, is a fully autonomous mini-drone built in Switzerland. Thanks to the 16 MP camera onboard, it allows their operators to take automatically aerial pictures, With the included processing software Postflight Terra 3D - powered by Pix4D, the operator can create very easily 2D orthomosaics and 3D elevation models (with a final accuracy of 5 to 10 cm) from the collection of pictures acquired by the drone. The operator can also use the integrated measurement tools of Postflight Terra 3D to calculate distances, surfaces, volumes.. The generated maps are exportable then in GIS software or farm operation software. The mini-drone can be used by any public agency, government agency or university... or by private companies under specific conditions! See the link below for FAA regulations and authorizations.

The incredible introductory price includes the eBee Mini-Drone, the Flight Software including all updates, and the processing software! NO Maintenance Fees... Nothing extra to Buy!

* Use the Postflight license for processing the data on as many computers as you want!

If you have additional questions about FAA Regulations, Click this link to the FAA Website

There are a few options available for the UAV, so please include the type of work you do, whether you are doing crop or vegetation studies, and any info that you think important so we can provide you with the correct quote ... Thanks

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Modular Design..... For easy Transport (Fits into a single, small case)
Lightweight Drone... Less than 1.5lbs
Launched by Hand.... No catapult launch system required
Autopilot & Artificial Intelligence... Takes off, Flies & Lands Autonomously
Ground Sensing and Linear Landing... High-Speed Optical Sensor & Lens automatically estimate distance to the ground
Professional Mapping Software...... Included!
Flight management software....... Included! Allows you to plan, monitor & control the trajectory before & during flight.

eBee Package includes:

• eBee central body complete system w/ built-in autopilot & all electronics (Ready to Fly!)
• Pair of detachable wings
• 16 MP Camera (Includes memory card,battery, USB, cable & charger)
• 2 Lithium-Polymer battery packs & charger
• Spare Propeller
• Carrying Case w/ foam protection
• User Manual
• Software access codes & License keys (One license per drone... Download software on as many computers as you want per license)
• Remote Control & it's accessories for safety pilots (If legally required)
Also available with Near Infrared Camera
? 96 cm Wingspan
? Less than 700g (1.5 pounds) takeoff weight
? Electric powered
? 45 minutes flight time
? Ground sensor and reverse engine technology for linear landings
? Up to 3km radio link
? 16MP camera, electronically integrated and controlled
? On-Board data logging
? Covers up to 10km2 (2 500 acres)
? Down to 3cm Orthomosaic Accuracy
? Down to 5cm Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Accuracy
? 3D Flight planning & Visualization
? Fight Simulator\Real-Time Mission Update and Control
? Multiple Drones Operation Cable (With Midair Collision Avoidance)
? Easy Data Management System (Geotag images,create KML files & Memorize Flight History)