Topcon Sirius Aerial Mapping System


Create aerial maps where and when you want, with Topcon's Sirius Basic Unmanned Aerial System (UAS). The Sirius Basic delivers aerial mapping quickly, easily, affordably - and according to user definable area, altitude and photo intervals. The Sirius Basic has all the advantages of the Sirius Pro except GNSS RTK. With the same hardware components, a simple upgrade to the Sirius Pro is possible when your business requires the increased level of productivity.
Ideal for all of your survey, construction, mining and agricultural needs.  Measure 150 acres with 5cm verticle accuracy in 50 minutes!  Stockpiles are a breeze.... Volume measurements are easy.... Cut and Fill work, Site Planning, Powerline and Pipeline Work, Field Tiling and Evaluating Crop Stress, Crop Health and Farming Yields.... has never been simpler!

Total Weight is 6 pounds

This unit has a variety of payloads and sensors to make any job a snap!

Easy to fly...Easy to Control.... Exceptional Results.

If you can see it.... and you want to measure it.... The Topcon Sirius Pro is the Tool to Choose.

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  • Upgradeable to RTK Using the Same Platform (Just Load OAF Codes)
  • Hand Launched (No bulky Catapults to drag around)
  • Fully Autonomous Flight Plan
  • Control the Unit with Either Fully Autonomous or in Assisted Mode
  • Aircraft Can Fly in the Rain
  • Aircraft Can Fly in WindsUp To 50/km Per Hour
  • 5cm Vertical Accuracy Without GCPs
  • 3.5 cm Vertical Accuracy When you Enter GCPs Manually