Topcon Layout Software


Streamline your construction layout with Topcon's easy-to-use software for Construction Professionals.

Topcon Layouts intuitive field software supports manual total stations and robotic total stations.


Custom built interface for contractors

Easy layer management tools help you hide the data you don't want to see or use
Building pad tool to manually enter building pad perimeters, forms, excavation lines and points
Easy-to-use, yet advanced for all of your layout needs.
LayoutMaster office software supports opening and saving autocad dwg and dxf files

Power, performance, and ease-of-use for all of your construction layout jobs - from field to office!


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  • Import projects prepared on your desktop from layout office.
  • Easily enter plan features from paper plans onsite
  • Locate points on  your jobsite using any Topcon surveying equipment.
  • Perform as-built surveys and stake-out tolerance reports.
Simple User Interface for Total Stations

Drive robotic total stations with the optional robotic module.
Turn measurements from total stations into graphical data.
Zero Plate reduces the potential for angular mistakes.
Live Map with Touch Selection

Touch any point or line on the map and press the Stake button to layout the point.
Touch any line to quickly calculate offsets.
Fast Plan Entry

Directional arrows for entering fast plan line jogs.
Plans are stored as figures that can be sent out to DXF files.
Quick Dimensions

Click the tape measure icon to quickly get the dimension between points.
View the summary of multiple point selections.
Simple Offsets

Offset line segments.
Offset figures.
Create offset points from lines.
Calculate down and out from any line to a point.
Bolt Patterns

Store bolt patterns.
Plot bolt patterns at any project point.

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