Crash Zone Accident Reconstruction Software


For nearly 20 years The Crash Zone has been the drawing program of choice for Accident Reconstructionists and Law Enforcement Officers who need to accurately map crash scenes. The latest version of The Crash Zone has even more tools for Crash Investigators and Reconstructionists, including easy 3D animations, a vehicle specifications database, skid analysis and momentum calculations, and an easy-to-use 3D body poser. Crash Zone is also ideal for drawing crime scenes!

Completely Accurate - Your diagrams are always as accurate as the measurements you take at the crash scene. The Crash Zone is a true vector-based drawing program that stores measurements and performs mathematical computations to 16 place accuracy. You can import data from total stations and other laser measurement devices, photogrametry, or enter manually.

Widely accepted in court! Crash and Accident Scene Investigators know that an accurate diagram of the scene can make all the difference in their case. Thousands of police officers and Crash Reconstructionists have used diagrams and animations created with The Crash Zone and The Crime Zone to help win their court cases.



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Powerful Drawing Tools
Easy to Learn
Easy Annimations
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One-Click 3D

These are the only differences between Crime Zone and Crash Zone:

The program name.

The default folder where the program gets installed on your computer.

The default group of symbols that is first displayed. If you install The Crash Zone, the Crash symbols are initially displayed; with Crime Zone the Crime symbols are initially displayed. This is just the initial symbol group - our powerful Symbol Manager lets you easily change symbol groups at any time. The programs have so many symbols we have simply divided them into groups to make them easier to find.

So, why two names?

Originally the program was just called The Crime Zone, but some collision reconstructionists didn't like that name since they were not necessarily investigating a "crime." Their requests led to the birth of The Crash Zone. Crash reconstructionists were also very vocal about their other needs too, like the need to create realistic 3D diagrams by just clicking a button! Over the past 10 years, we have incorporated hundreds of comments and ideas from users who needed an easier tool for creating both crime and crash diagrams. We have always kept the two programs the same, so there is never any need for a user to purchase two separate programs.