Carlson Construction Software


Carlson Construction 2011 is for land surveyors, civil engineers, construction professionals and 3D model builders. Considering the growth in data prep/3D model building needs, this software solution can open up a whole new income potential for those in the industry.

Carlson Construction 2011 is an integrated design and 3D surface modeling software solution designed for site and road construction. It offers powerful inspection and 3D viewing tools for elevating 2D designs to 3D model files.

Carlson Construction includes powerful tools for designing and modeling different aspects of road design, from new construction to road widening and repaving.

Fully supporting all of the major 3D Machine Control formats for today's heavy equipment with 3D Machine Control Systems, Carlson Construction gives you the tools you need for taking your data into the 3D environment. Whether your need is "Data Preparation," "Site Preparation," or specifically creating Machine Control Guidance Models, Carlson Construction 2011 will get the job done for you 

Key Benefits of Carlson Construction
Output 3D Machine Control Files (Carlson Grade, Trimble, CAT-Accugrade, Leica, and Topcon)
Builds 3D Machine Control files from your 2D Engineering Plan Set
Output Construction Staking files for Site, Roadway, and Building Columns and Offsets 

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  1. Works with AutoCAD, IntelliCAD and imports Microstation-DGN files
  2. Drawing Cleanup -- Takes your AutoCAD and Microstation files and "cleans them up" for 3D Data Prep and Creating Models
  3. Powerful tools to edit your data from plans to your heavy equipment
  4. Import PDF files into your drawing
  5. 3D viewing tools for your Graphics and Surfaces so that you may validate your changes
  6. Powerful Road Design functionality so you can create and/or reverse-engineer the proposed design file
  7. Ability to import your drawing into Google Earth
  8. Robust Surveying Tools for your Total Station and GPS equipment
  9. Raster to Vector Conversion for your design linework
  10. Import/Export "Native" Machine Control Files -- Carlson Grade (.tin, .cl, .grd, .fit, .dwg, dxf, .pin, .ntr, .cgc, .crd, . loc); Topcon (.tn3, .ln3, .rd3); Trimble (.ttm); Leica