SiteLink Real-Time 3D Management


Site-Link 3D puts the essential data from all of your machines, on all of your jobs at your fingertips.  By linking together your equipment, job trailers and the main office SiteLINK 3D enables you to better manage your business.  The purpose of the system is to analys the recorded data, to receive real-time information regarding productivity of the machines and to achieve improvement in production while reducing production costs.

All job site information is available to the office through the internet allowing access to the real-time and historical data.  Job data, plan revisions and related files are immeadiately exchanged within the system, so all users are updated simultaneously.

SiteLINK 3D also links survey crews allowing real-time updates to site plans.  Each user goes to work using one common, centralized file containing the latest revisions eliminating rework due to outdated plans. 

Sitelink consists mainly of two parts:
Communication software & hardware on the machine(s).
Software & hardware at the office for display and analyzing purposes.

Sitelink will only support machines available in 3DMC v9.2 (i.e. dozer, grader, excavators, paver, etc.) in this first release.

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  • Send and receive messages and 3DMC data files between the office and machine(s) and between machines.
  • Display multiple machines in the office software.
  • View machine's activities, delays, operator, GPS position, files being used, etc. in the office software.
  • Ability to have RTK broadcast thru the Sitelink system.
  • Remotely control 3DMC program thru the office software.
  • Avoidance area warning relayed in office software.
  • Builds upon existing 3D grade control systems
  • .Cut/fill mapping updates relayed in the offices software and to other machines in real time. (All machines must have Advanced enabled)
  • Ability to query the server's database to create volume reports and other generic productivity reports. (Office Software)
  • Ability for each SiteLink machine to be visible on each display. (All machines can see each other)