SECO #5198-51 GPS Pole Bracket System for Trucks & ATV's


The SECO #5198-51 ATV Pole Bracket System is designed to hold a rover rod safely and securely while you travel around the jobsite. 

The universal bracket system fits most ATVs, vans and pickup trucks, it attaches with U-Bolts to the luggage rack. The bracket's tripod design makes a rigid framework that holds up to vibration and shock of ATV operation.

The bracket holds all poles from 1-to-1.25 inch O.D. Quick clamp handles make loading and unloading the rover pole fast and secure.

This unit is fully adjustable; the slotted channels allow customization of all components to your particular set-up needs.

Installation to the ATV takes about an hour using basic tools.

This system comes with transport / storage bag.

Weighs 24 lb (10.89 kg)


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