Rolatape 32-401 Professional Measuring Wheel


Automotive Belt Driven.... 1' Accuracy...... Large Counter display..... Steel Construction

 Construction and other professionals use measuring wheels as a tool to estimate distance and area for many outdoor projects due to convenience and relative low cost. Due to the demands by professionals of increased precision and durability, Rolatape introduces the new 32-401 Professional Measuring Wheel.
Rolatape 32-401 Professional Measuring Wheel uses an automotive belt drive system that measures distance to the nearest inch for improved accuracy and precision on the jobsite.
The above-wheel oversized counter with magnified window is easier to read than other measuring wheels, minimizing reading time and reducing errors. The steel construction, metal housing and hinges of the 32-401 Measuring Wheel insure durability for years of reliable use

Measurement resolution to 1-in. vs. 1-ft. for all other wheels in segment


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  • Automotive belt drive - for 1 inch accuracy and years of reliable use
  • Large magnified counter - easy and fast to read
  • Wheel brake - for more accurate measuring
  • Steel Construction - Durable and built to last
  • Folding handle for increased convenience

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