Keson (NR 18) Replacement Nylon Covered Steel Tapes

Keson Replacement Nylon Coated Steel Tape (NR 18)

Nylon-coated steel tape measure is uniquely break resistant because of a .2mm thickness of permanently bonded nylon which is coated (not sprayed ) over a sturdy .13mm steel core center. Corrosion resistant, even to salt water, with life of more than three times that of ordinary steel tape measures. Graduated in feet, inches, and 1/8ths. Zero point at end of hook. Award-winning open type reel. Length: 100 feet. or 200 feet

Product Description
Tough, double nylon-coated steel; Break-resistant under severe use in the field; 3/8-inch wide blade reduces wind drift and tape weight; Metal-reinforced crank handle for durability; Zero Point - hook end; Attachment - hook

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