Keson 200ft (NR 18-200) Nylon Coated Steel Open Reel Tape w/ Hook


A Keson best seller! Since 1968 this style of Keson steel tape has been providing customers with accurate measurements. They are used in the harshest conditions in which people measure, and they stand to the only test that matters: field performance.We have made modifications to the housing over the years:
Better plastic and molding shapes for increased durability.
Double screws to hold the housing together in the event of a drop.
Better blade axle to reduce breakage due to the weight of the tape if dropped.
For years we've been honoring warranty dates long past a single year, so we are now proud to offer a limited lifetime warranty on these products.

NR18-200...... 200ft tape in Inches/Feet/8th
NR10-200...... 200ft tape in 10ths / 100ths

1810 tape series printed on two sides: One side in feet, inches and 8ths; second side in feet, 10ths and 100ths

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