Earthworks Excavating Software


Bid On More Work
Because EarthWorks Excavation Software will cut your estimating time dramatically, it will also allow you to bid much more work. Instead of spending hours in the office working on take offs, you'll be in front of potential clients working out the details of your next project.

When you can prepare three, four, even five times the number of bids, you'll easily win more work much more quickly.

Bid With More Accuracy
It's no secret. In fact, it's a harsh reality: accurately doing your excavation take offs by hand takes time. Lots and lots of time! To be accurate, the grid needs to be tight. And the tighter your grid is, the more time it takes.

But not anymore! EarthWorks Excavation Software harnesses the power of your computer to do all that work for you. Drawings that used to take you 6 hours to grid off "by-hand" with grid spacings at 50 foot can now be calculated in seconds at 0.1 foot. That tighter grid means much higher accuracy. No more lying awake at night wondering how accurate your bids are!

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  • Increase your bidding speed
  • Bid and win more work
  • Improve your accuracy
  • Double check your work
  • Correct and revise your work and
  • Share your work with others
  • And ultimately...make more money for your business!