Topcon ES - Easy Station Total Station


The new ES Series was designed from the ground up to deliver the very latest technological advantages, all in a small, sleek design - You'll appreciate the advantages from the very first measurement!
Measurements are captured faster than ever, and with a beam width of 15mm (over 30m), the bright red laser dot pinpoints features with ease.

 The new ES Series offers an intuative graphical on-board software that provides advanced measurement, logging and calculation functionality without an external data collector.

Quick measure speed of 0.9sec Speed of Measure=increased productivity
EDM accuracy Prism 2mm+2ppm
Non-Prism 3mm+2ppm <200meters reflectorless range; 0.3m - 500m
Battery Life; 36 hours
Bluetooth Class 1 Long Range; up to 1,000' with Tesla
Environmental Rating; IP66 (Arctic version available -30°C)
TS Shield for Quality Control and Support
"small spot" trapezoid shaped EDM for more accurate and allows measurement to a variety of difficult surfaces; dark-colored, wet, steep angled, etc.

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  • Prism EDM Range 4000m
  • Accuracy 2mm+2ppm
  • Reflectorless Range 500m
  • Accuracy 3mm+2ppm <200m
  • Measuring Time 0.9 sec
  • Prism/Non-Prism/Sheet
  • Equipped with a cellular-based communication module.
  • Receive on-screen alert for available firmware updates.
  • If stolen or lost, send a coded signal to the instrument to disable