Topcon LS-B10W Laser Receiver

Increased Productivity for Machine Lasers

The new LS-B10W and RD-100W system adds to the productivity of your job site. Both utilize magnetic mountings and when used in conjunction with a Topcon laser level, the combination and productivity is unbeatable.

The LS-B10W mounts on the part of the machine that you wish to keep on grade. It sends its leveling information wirelessly back to the RD-100W remote display that is mounted in the cab where the operator can better see the grade information.

All this functionality with a low cost price too! Not limited to machine mounting only, the LS-B10W sensors have an optional grade rod mount bracket as well.

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  • Small, Lightweight design
  • 270° detection
  • Rugged, Waterproof design
  • Wireless Support and CAN support
  • Magnetic mounts for use anywhere
The Remote Display puts the Laser Sensors information in the cab of the machine. Productivity increases on the job because the operator focuses on the grade information and not the Sensor itself. The operator can adjust the "On Grade" position without leaving the seat. No need to climb down to adjust the laser height or move the Sensor on the machine. Whether you are going deep with your excavator or grading with a drag scraper the RD-100W is wirelessly connected to the LS-B110W giving the operator constant, real time grade information.

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