LaserLine Quad 4000 One-Man Layout & Control Laser

Quad 4000 One-Man Layout & Control Laser

Line, Square, Level & Plumb... All in One - All at Once!

   Imagine being able to square your job, control elevation, snap your lines and plumb the structure... with just one man, at one time, with one laser, from one setup! On top of that, it is easy to use, durable, and it is accurate.
    This is the perfect tool for Line Locking Quad 4000 square and Line Control, Building Layout, Offset Squaring, Plumb & Rack Control, Leveling Foundations,Forms, and Elevation Control work. The Quad 4000 is... FAST, ACCURATE AND EASY TO USE... Its like having a 600 foot building square!  

 Quad 4000 Brochure

 Quad 4000 Laser Package Includes:

  • Quad 4000 Laser
  • LineLokr Target
  • Carrying Case
  • Owner's Manual
  • Quick Start Up Guide

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