Topcon RL-200 Slope Lasers


These lasers are designed for general engineering and agricultural land leveling.  The new RL-200 series is available as either a Single Slope (1S) or Dual Slope (2S) model.  Both the new 1S and 2S are available with a choice of dry cell or rechargable batteries.

This new laser is an improvement over the old RL-100 1S & 2S models which it is replacing (and which are no longer available).  The Rl-200 series uses a precise and reliable encoder system providing superior horizontal accuracy with repeatability of plus or minus 7 arc seconds.  Plus the RL-200 has an 1100 meter diameter working range!

Need slopes up to 25%?   No Problem.  The Rl-200 has -5% to +25% slope for one axis (2S dual axis version has 10% +/- on the other axis).

Both models of the Rl-200 include a LS-80L Laser Sensor which is designed to handle the increased operating range.

Best of all.... the RL-200 comes with the industry leading FIVE YEAR GUARANTEE. Topcon backs its products with a factory guarantee that is the best in the business.

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