Topcon RL-SV2S Dual Slope, Long-Range Laser



The RL-SV2S is Topcon's newest construction laser!  Following in a long line of superior quality laser transmitters, the RL-SV2S is a dual slope, long-range, self-leveling instrument built to out perform all of its competitors.

This laser is a great tool for any general construction or engineering project and designed for flat work, single or dual slope applications.  Slopes up to +/- 15 degrees can be used in either the X or Y axis.  With a 2,400 foot (diameter) operating range, the RL-SV2S has the power to cover even the biggest jobsites.

That's not all!  Turn the RL-SV2S on its side and use it for layout and alignment.  Lay it down on the built-on mount or attach it to a tripod and the laser will electronically self-level for fast and accurate vertical applications. 

This multi-use laser does just about everything!

But wait, there's more!  This versatile construction tool is loaded with all the features contractors love including long battery life, height of adjustment alert, a dual-sided detector and electronic shutters.  All of these features can be accessed on the front control panel or on a remote control device which comes standard.

Best of all, the new RL-SV2S has a super competitive price!  Don't delay.... call or e-mail PSC TODAY!

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  • Long Operating Range (2,400 ft)
  • Long Battery Life (100 hours/alkaline and 60 hours/ rechargable Ni/MH)
  • Height of Instrument Alert
  • Dual-Sided Detector
  • Electronic Shutters.
  • Remote Control