PLS - 5 Five-way Pointing Laser

5-Way Laser Pointer

The new PLS5 is smaller, lighter, and more durable than ever. It's self-leveling to within 6 degrees. You can't get a more versatile construction laser alignment tool for the professional contractor.

The PLS5 has 5 bright points with all beams square to each other. It does not shoot lines. Plumb from floor to ceiling or from 50 feet off the ground.

Shoot level benchmarks and square-on-slab, even in bright sunlight, using the unique PLS pendulum target and laser detector.
Save time and money when your bubble vial level or rotary laser is too limited or too complicated for the job.

You can also add the unique PLS HVD laser detector. 

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  • PLS5 Laser
  • Carry Pouch
  • Pendulum Layout Target
  • Magnetic Wall Bracket
  • Floor Stand
  • Carrying Case