PLS - 3 Three-way Pointing Laser

Three Way Pointing Laser

The PLS3 is self-leveling to 6 degrees, and accurate to +/- 1/4 of an inch at +/- 100 feet. It's compact, durable, and at just 12 ounces. Completly portable, the cantilevered nose makes for easy sight of the down beam over tracks and plates.

The PLS3 from Pacific Laser Systems means no more plumb lines swinging in the wind and makes traditional construction levels obsolete.

The PLS3 works terrific for: production framers; H-Vac; electrical contractors; and industrial technicians.

The PLS3 will drastically reduce layout time for walls, fixtures, pipe, conduit, door frames, window frames, and much more.

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Carrying Pouch
Floor Stand
Wall Bracket
One-year Warranty