Topcon "Automatic" Laser Receiver Systems

Grading & Excavating Accuracies Are Tighter than Ever!
With the added Slope and Plumb Indicators, your grading and excavating accuracies are tighter than ever with Topcon's LS-B110. Plus, the new LS-B 110 enables you to offset the "on-grade " position with one touch. This gives you an even greater working range. Compatible with Topcon's family of Control Boxes for all your earth moving equipment the LS-B110 can also be used in "automatic" mode to hydraulically control the elevation and/or the slope of the cutting edge. This takes your production and materials savings up to a whole new level.

Topcon Laser Tracker Jack
The Laser Tracker works by receiving a signal from a rotating laser and sends that signal to the Control Box. Use the same coil cord from the Sonic Tracker II to power up the Laser Tracker.

The Trackerjack attaches to the laser receiver and then mounts onto a vibration pole. Use the coil cord from the Sonic Tracker II to power up the Laser Tracker/Trackerjack System.

The Laser Trackerjack should be removed at the end of each day and stored in its carrying case. A vibration pole storage bracket can be attached to the back of the grader for use when the Trackerjack system is not needed.

Features & Benefits of Tracker Jack:

  • 360° Gapless Receiving
  • Motorized Tracker Jack gets receiver on-grade quickly and "locks on" to keep it there
  • Bright grade indication LEDs display continuous grade information
  • Compatible with all Topcon lasers and most other lasers



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  •  Large working range
  • 360° detection
  • Rugged, waterproof design
  • Wireless & CAN compatible
  •  On-grade matching
  •  Plumb/Tilt Indication
  • Universal pole clamp