Topcon X-22 Wireless Control System for Excavators

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The X-22 is the latest addition to Topcon's excavator machine control series, and is aimed at satisfying the increased demands for job site durability, accuracy, flexibility and cost-effectiveness," said Murray Lodge, vice president of the TPS Construction Business Unit. "The easy-to-use system offers contractors maximum performance and flexibility at an affordable price."

Lodge said that the simplicity of the system "creates an extremely small learning curve for operators. It's a simple system that is easy to learn and easier to operate. With this system, any operator can dig quicker, safer and more accurately than ever before."

The X-22 incorporates plug-and-play technology designed to make installation and swapping between machines "extremely easy and fast. It is ideal for swapping between a company's machinery or rental machines and creates the flexibility to handle a wide range of tasks on any job site," Lodge said, "including site preparation, trenching, road building, shaping embankments, and digging basements."

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  • High-resolution touch screen display that is easy to see even in bright sunlight.
  • Simple screen menu makes it easy to set width, depth and slope of the cut.
  • Various screen views - profile, bucket and sectional - are standard.
  • Rechargeable wireless sensors (a full charge provides more than 120 hours of continuous usage