Topcon X-62 for Excavators

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Topcon's X62 system represent a giant leap in excavator grade indication. Completely user friendly and user definable, flexible enough to apply to even the most difficult jobs. X62 featuring the Windows based GX-60 Control Box - fully upgradeable to Topcon's X63 GPS+ excavator control. The system includes four TS-1 360° tilt sensors used to measure angles between the cab, boom, stick and bucket. Include Topcon's optional LS-B10W laser receiver an you have the industries most advanced laser indicate system.

With the X62, you'll eliminate over excavation and control material usage saving you time and money. That's because X62 gets you to grade fast and keeps you there, even in deep, blind cut situations or when digging under water. With these systems the operator can "see" bucket position at all times. Final grade, and the distance of the bucket teeth to grade is clearly displayed.

Pick a reference....
X62 gives you the flexibility to use a wide array of references to work from: existing surface, a hub, a previous cut, or a rotating laser. It's as simple as choosing your reference.

Create and cut complex designs... without leaving the jobsite

Finally, an indicate system that allows multiple elevations and slopes to be cut continuously, without resetting the machine or laser. With Topcon's X62 systems an operator can create multiple elevation or slope designs right in the cab, then cut to the design without the hassles of starting and stopping to reestablish a reference.

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  • Create, cut and check complex designs from the cab
  • Work from an existing elevation reference or laser
  • Easily upgrade to X63-GPS+
  • Easy-to-read cut/fill indicators: X62 on-screen display
  • Increase safety by removing grade checker from the trench