Topcon (SAS) Smoothtrac Sonic Averaging System

Topcon's Smoothtrac Sonic Averaging System is a proven advantage over a traditional mechanical ski.

Advantages of Smoothtrac vs a Mechanical Ski

Superior smoothness and ride-ability
Smoothtrac uses four non-contacting Sonic Trackers which are positioned along an aluminum beam. Use SAS on one or both sides of your paver.  This allows for faster set up and tear down especially around bridges, manholes and other obstacles.

Smoothtrac SAS also weighs a fraction of a mechanical ski!

Options for System 5 Pavers

  • Single SAS
  • Dual SAS
  • Standard Tracker
  • Slope

Save time with the SAS Sytem... Start jobs more quickly, improve "rideability,"  reduce time spent  turning around , backing up or removing the system.

Smoothtrac Sonic Averaging Brochure


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It is easy to transition from the SAS to a Single Sonic Tracker.

Just unplug the SAS cord and plug directly into a Sonic Tracker for matching a joint or tracking off a curb, stringline etc. The Smoothrac can quickly be folded up and left alongside the asphalt paver.