Topcon 3D Xi - GPS for Excavators


Topcon is pleased to announce the latest addition to their 3D machine control family, X63 indicate 3D GPS+ control system for excavators. Topcon's X63 provides the operator with all the information needed to expedite excavation tasks. Unlike laser excavator systems, X63 enables the operator to "see" his machine's exact position in relation to the site, enabling precise positioning over utility centerlines. In real time the operator can also see the position of the teeth of the bucket compared to the finish design which is very helpful in deep cuts, blind excavations or when working around structures.

Topcon's GPS+ technology ensures maximum productivity with access to both GPS and GLONASS satellites.

Topcon X-63 Brochure

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  • Same easy to use 3DMC software used in System Five 3D box!
  • Multiple views (plan, profile, section) display real time movement of the Bucket, Stick, Boom and entire machine.
  • Easy to use color Cut/Fill Indicator for instant grade verification.
  • Elevation reference lets you control grade on the left, right, or middle of your bucket.
  • New state of the art CAN based Tilt sensors:
  • No linearization required!
  • Small, sealed sensor with no moving parts!
  • Easy to install, mount almost anywhere!
  • New graphical Machine builder specific for Excavators.
  • Change buckets on the fly. Store up to six different sizes.
  • GPS+ (GPS/GLONASS) receiver insures maximum productivity.
  • Compatible with GR-3, Legacy, HiPer+ & HiPer Lite+ receivers

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