Topcon Millimeter GPS or LPS for Concrete Pavers


Free your paving from the confines of string-lines and other linear references and move production to the fast lane. Topcon's Millimeter GPS Paving is here!

Topcon's Millimeter GPS Paver System is the World's First GPS based millimeter accurate control for pavers. Topcon's revolutionary Lazer ZoneTM technology based, Millimeter GPS uses GPS positioning together with a zone laser reference to give you unparalleled freedom and productivity. It also provides the flexibility to mix-and-match sensors to best meet the requirements of each job and the way you want to work

Positioned anywhere within the "Laser Zone", Millimeter GPS Paver System's PZS-MC sensor instantly computes precise vertical information. No need to incorporate a moveable mast, the Lazer ZoneTM Technology determines its elevation automatically. Even if your site has an elevation variance of 10 meters (33 feet), you never have to reposition your instrument or receivers! For sites with significant elevations or large areas, up to four PZL-1 Lazer ZoneTM transmitters can be "linked" to cover a larger area and elevation change of over 130 feet! Like a rotating laser, Lazer Zone supports multiple users. Using a PZS-1 sensor and a Topcon field controller on a grade rod, basic surveying tasks and grade checking are a snap. In situations where multiple PZL-1 transmitters are being used, each can be set to one of four signal channels. The system will transition seamlessly from transmitter to transmitter without disruption.

Welcome to the next generation of precision job site control technology!

Topcon mmGPS for Pavers Brochure


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  • High accuracy grade reference covers entire project - eliminates string-line
  • Provides precise vertical measurement for multiple machines and grade checkers
  • Use up to four transmitters to extend work area
  • Pave transitions, even through horizontal and vertical curves
  • Works with existing Topcon GPS+ systems