Topcon Millimeter GPS or LPS for Asphalt Paver System

3D Precision Paving Solultions

The Topcon Millimeter GPS paver system combines the field-proven components of Paver System Five with the rugged, high-accuracy Millimeter GPS instruments and sensors.

Mounted on the paver is the operator's infterface to the Millimeter GPS Paver System, the GX-60 control box. Abel to control two point cylinders independently, the GX-60's color, graphical screen displays the machine position on the job, and the sensors being used to conrol the left and right side of the screen, as well as the current elevation and slope.  

Product Brochure 

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Uses standard Topcon 3D-MC software

Swap components between other machines

Eliminate string lines throughout the job

Increase productivity by 50% and more

PZS-MC Receiver
Slope Sensor
GX-60 Control Box
MC-R3 GPS Receiver
ST-3 Sonic Tracker
LZT-5 Laser