Sokkia GR-X2 GNSS Receiver

 Ultimate in Versatility

The GRX2 fully integrated dual-constellation RTK GNSS receiver brings a new level of versatility and flexibility into your precision applications. It is affordable and scalable with wireless technologies ideal for RTK operation, as a network rover, or as a static receiver.

Combine it with one of Sokkia’s data collectors and Magnet Field and Office software for maximum versatility and convenience, increasing fieldwork efficiency from start to finish.

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·         Fully Scalable

·         226 Channels (GPS+Glonass+SBAS)

·         Integrated UHF+Cellular+Bluetooth

·         Voice Navigation

·         Compact, Watertight, and Rugged

·         RTK and Static survey operations 

Digital UHF; or SS915+
Satellite Options: GPS Only; or GPS+GLONASS
Modem Options: NONE; GSM (AT&T / T-Mobile); or CDMA (Verizon)