Schonstedt Tracemaster II Locator


The Schonstedt Tracemaster II is the first pipe and cable locator on the market to offer a remote link between the transmitter and the receiver units. Schonstedt's most popular TraceMaster, the TMS-001-AF is capable of operating in three frequencies (575 Hz, 8 kHz, 82 kHz), making it an ideal choice for electric, telecommunications and water/gas/sewer applications. With three classes of frequencies, it's the most versatile locator on the market


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  • Designed to withstand the rigors of daily on-site usage and a wide range of environmental conditions
  • The receiver's LCD panel is uncomplicated and intuitive with only two buttons (frequency and depth) and two knobs (gain and volume)
  • Receiver can operate in manual or automatic gain modes
  • When in active mode, the receiver can operate in three frequencies:
        • Mid-range frequency (8 kHz) - This frequency will not usually jump to adjacent conductors, but may jump across non-conductive joints in a pipe for longer tracing. It is a good general-purpose frequency for medium length tracing in areas with low congestion.
  • Low frequency (575 Hz) - This frequency will not jump to adjacent conductors and is typically used with good conductors, in congested areas, or when a long distance trace is required.
  • High frequency (82 kHz) - This frequency can typically jump to adjacent conductors and is commonly used for short tracing in poor conductors, such a cast iron and other similar pipes.
  • No transmitter settings are required
  • Transmitter case has a built-in storage compartment for cables, ground stake and inductive clamps (sold separately)