Topcon Power Station



The Topcon Power Station (PS) is professional robotic total station for the surveying professional that is looking for a one-man solution . This rugged waterproof designed total station has the latest technology of TSshieldTM advanced security and maintenance, exclusive LongLinkTM communications and RC-5 with a quick lock function provides features that not found in other systems.
The PS has strong prism tracking ability and a very fast re-acquisition time. The precise motors track faster and provide high accuracy measurements even under the toughest environmental conditions. The IP65 design makes this Topcon's most rugged robot ever.
You will feel more at easing knowing your investment is being protected with the only theft deterrent in the industry. With TSshield, you get advanced security and maintenance. You can locate your total station, or lock it from being used online.

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  •  New EDM for quicker measurement times
  •  1000m Prismless with industry best accuracy
  •  New PowerTrac technology for better tracking
  •  TSshield for theft protection, location, and updates
  •  Longlink for interference free communication
  •  Magnet Field on-board
  •  New servo technology for faster tracking
  •  Common battery, same as the HiPer II and ES Series
  •  Common Charger, same as the HiPer II, ES Series, and RC-5

Standard Kit Includes:                                       RC-5 Package Includes:
PS Total Station                                              * Everything from the Standard Kit
Standard Handle                                            * RC-5 Handle (not incl w/ Standard Kit)
2 Batteries                                                      * RC-5 Remote w/ Protective Bumper 
Dual Tray Battery Charger                             * 2 Batteries & Charger
USB Flash Drive                                            * Prism Pole Extension 
Hard Case                                                      * Tripod
Tool Kit & Lens Cap                                        * 8 ft Prism Pole