Road Profiling Equipment

Road Profiling Equipment

                                             RTP-300 Real-Time Profiler

Topcon Positioning Systems new Real-Time Profiler (RTP-300) collects surface data and creates an exact model of an existing road, bridge or airport surface - all with millimeter-level accuracy!

Portable and lightweight, the RTP-300 can be installed in minutes onto any vehicle with a trailer hitch. The Data Collection System includes a Topcon GNSS System, Laser Profilers, Wheel Encoder and a Panasonic Toughbook® with RTP software. The components are modular in design and easy to "plug and play."

As a mobile surveying vehicle, the system generates a higher resolution topography map than conventional surveying methods in a fraction of time. And with superior accuracy! The collected data file can be used in Magnet Office Site w/Resurfacing software for design applications.

The RTP-300 complies with commonly used agency specifications, test methods and certification requirements.


* High Speed Surface Profiling
* Fast and Easy to Install
* Superior Accuracy and Repeatability
* Portable
* Creates High Resolution Surface Profile