Three Common Mistakes With Batteries That Can Cost You Big Money

Posted: 8/16/2013

No one likes to pay for service on their equipment. When it is unnecessary, or something simple, it is even worse! These three mistakes are very common, and can cost your company hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repair bills?
Needlessly paying for repairs remind me of the old joke about the company owner that needed to get his office copier fixed.
He called in the copier technician to do the repair. The tech was in his office maybe 2 minutes and he had the copier back in service. "It was just this tiny washer" he explained as he handed the owner a bill for $1,000.
"A thousand dollars?" complained the owner, "For two minutes of work and a little washer.. That doesn't seem right. I demand you fix your bill!" The technician took back the bill. He re-wrote the bill, and handed it back to the owner. The new bill read: Washer $1.... Knowing which $1 washer to use in order to get your copier back in service, $999!
Follow these three very simple tips to prevent or lessen repair costs for you company.

Tip #1: Make Sure You Are Using Standard Alkaline Batteries In Your Equipment.
DO NOT use Heavy Duty batteries! Heavy Duty batteries generally have a much shorter run time between charges than standard alkaline batteries. Shorter run times mean more disruption of work, cost of additional batteries and additional aggravation while out in the field. Standard alkaline batteries are cheaper, last longer and will save you money in both the short and long term.

Tip #2: Make Sure Your "New" Batteries Are Good!
If your equipment does not turn on after you install new batteries...Try a new set of "new" batteries before sending your equipment in for repair. Believe it or not, some new batteries are dead right out of the box. Often, it is as simple as putting a different set of batteries into a unit in order to make it work. You are much better off being the one to put in the new battery, than the repair center.

Tip #3: Make Sure You Install the Batteries Correctly.
I know, I know?. But service centers see this error more often than you think. Reversing the polarity of batteries is a ?Bad Thing.? By reversing the polarity, you can cause the batteries to leak or even explode inside the units. These mistakes are most often what the repair centers see after the real damage has been done, and they are generally the most costly for your company to fix. Take a few extra seconds when you are changing the batteries, and save yourself this needless expense.

By following these three simple suggestions, you may save your company money on unnecessary repairs, reduce the wear and tear on your equipment, and eliminate significant damage to your units from leaking or batteries that have exploded inside the equipment.

Good Luck, and we hope to see you a little less often.